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By Dave, Sep 15 2018 12:29PM

Hello paranormal friends, we have eventually got onto Amazon Prime video, our first three episodes are now available to watch with more being added soon, once you've watched any of the episodes please give us a rating and add some comments of how we can improve our series as we want them to be enjoyable for our viewers to watch. thanks for reading love and light to you all.

By Dave, Jul 14 2018 07:54PM

Things have moved along, our first episode of season 1 is now on Amazon Prime, and filming of season 2 is now underway, You will see us in our very first investigation as a team and in the RAW, one thing you won't see or hear is screaming, playing to the camera, no fakery and no scooby doo antics, you will also see in future episodes how we try to debunk things before we truly say it is paranormal, so join us in our journey into the unknown, Jacqui our lead Spiritualist Medium has now also gone freelance, so if you need her for one of your investigations or events email us at you won't be dissapointed.

By Dave, Jun 7 2018 06:21PM

Just a short blog about our series, season one, Enter The Dark that will be streamed on Amazon Prime soon, we wanted this for a while as we wanted people to know how genuine we are about our investigations, we are a team who pride ourselves on real "ghost hunting" not what is portrayed on tv, you hear no screams, no playing to the camera and certainly no faking, you will see for yourselves that we are not frauds, fakes or scammers as we have been accused of on FB on some paranormal group pages. the only thing you will see in the normal paranormal investigator off the street.

By Dave, May 20 2018 11:40AM

Our first night with our new team took us to the Creep Tunnels at New Brighton, the night started off slow with activity, but the second part of the night picked up. All the team worked well together being their first time as an active team, for the first filming of our new 2nd Series.

The trigger flashing balls came up trumps, flashing when we asked spirits questions especially in the bar area and the munition room, we also had K2 hits at the bar area going off the scale.

Jacqui, our medium, came up with names and places before getting to the Creep Tunnels with names and places that can't be found on the internet when searched by me. Tony Franks-Buckley, even though a sceptic, was impressed with a few things Jacqui had written down, as they are not available on the internet or anywhere, names only he knows. Well done team for working so hard Rocky, Michell, Becky, Mark, Michelle and leader Jacqui.

By Dave, May 14 2018 03:37PM

Well where do I start, another amazing night at the Masonic Hall, this was our second public event of the year, it all kicked off with me anyway when Jack (one of the masons that runs the Masonic) taking me back down to the boiler room, to look where we could set up one of our cctv cameras and trigger objects. As I went through the door to the boiler room I was overcome with fear to the point that I was shaking, as we both returned to the main hub/base for the night I went over to my partner Jacqui, I was then overcome with sadness that I felt like crying, I will explain these emotions later in the blog.

As we got underway we took our new team members and the public around the many rooms in this massive building, I have to say one night isn't enough to investigate every room it really needs 2 nights, as we all gathered in one room we all sat around in a circle and used the portal app to communicate with spirit, to the extent that both K2's were going off the scale as well as the handheld rem/emf meter, the device reached a staggering 160.6mg and the rem was flashing all the lights which took one of our team members Rocky by surprise.

The portal device came up with a lot of replies when asking questions from the team and public, just as we were switching the device off it said Jacqui's name. It was a night of mixed emotions happiness, saddness and anger, the Egytian room gives you a real nasty / heavy feeling which can very much affect the team and public, a lot of people were feeling a heaviness.

One of our team had to leave the room in the very early stages, Becky was overcome with anger and saddness, about 10 minutes later we had to rap the investigation up in that room, as I was also getting to the point of anger, like I got on our first investigation there, we all took a break to have a drink and some biscuits, before moving on to the next room, the night seemed to flyby. We ended up going back to the boiler room again, standing in one particular spot in the room made you feel very dizzy, again one of our team members had to leave the room, Michelle felt the same thing dizzy but also very faint. The night ended to soon as 2:00am approached.

Like I stated before the building has so many rooms that you really need two nights to cover it. Me and Jacqui thank all those people that came, and we were really impressed with our new team members. Michelle Anderson, Becky McCormack, Rocky Appleton sadly Rocky's partner Michelle Morgan was on holiday, but we look forward to working with her.

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