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By Dave, Nov 24 2020 09:36PM

Entering The Unknown are in the midst of finishing editing a mini spin off series for Amazon Prime called Urban Exploring The Paranormal.

it should be available later in December and show cases two members of the Entering The Unknown team in Lead investigator Dave Harazny and investigator and team mate Shaun Helm, watch them venture in to abandoned buildings and explore some great locations while still looking for paranormal activity. a well as meeting other explorers and investigators along the way. o join them on their journey into the unknown.

By Dave, Feb 2 2020 06:17PM

Season 3 of Entering The Unknown's Series called 'Making The Unknown Known' will be airing soon on Amazon Prime with a brand new team and brand new award winning medium Andrew Warrington-Jones.

this third season is better then the first two. David Harazny commented the first two seasons were a learning curve for me we had poor cameras with poor sound very shaky camera work. we were a fresh team at the time.

We are a team that are based on the truth and were not here to entertain. were not a team built on egos, fakery. smoke and mirrors. we debunk as much as we can before we can even say it's paranormal some people will like our show and others will not. we are not going to fake things to keep you interested were not a team that scream, run away, what you see is what you get not every location we do is active and we will show that. some may say it's boring it is sometimes if nothing happens. we are changing the way we work in our 4 season that's just started production.

By Dave, Sep 15 2018 12:29PM

Hello paranormal friends, we have eventually got onto Amazon Prime video, our first three episodes are now available to watch with more being added soon, once you've watched any of the episodes please give us a rating and add some comments of how we can improve our series as we want them to be enjoyable for our viewers to watch. thanks for reading love and light to you all.

By Dave, Jul 14 2018 07:54PM

Things have moved along, our first episode of season 1 is now on Amazon Prime, and filming of season 2 is now underway, You will see us in our very first investigation as a team and in the RAW, one thing you won't see or hear is screaming, playing to the camera, no fakery and no scooby doo antics, you will also see in future episodes how we try to debunk things before we truly say it is paranormal, so join us in our journey into the unknown, Jacqui our lead Spiritualist Medium has now also gone freelance, so if you need her for one of your investigations or events email us at [email protected] you won't be dissapointed.

By Dave, Jun 7 2018 06:21PM

Just a short blog about our series, season one, Enter The Dark that will be streamed on Amazon Prime soon, we wanted this for a while as we wanted people to know how genuine we are about our investigations, we are a team who pride ourselves on real "ghost hunting" not what is portrayed on tv, you hear no screams, no playing to the camera and certainly no faking, you will see for yourselves that we are not frauds, fakes or scammers as we have been accused of on FB on some paranormal group pages. the only thing you will see in the normal paranormal investigator off the street.

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