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A while since I last did a blog

By Dave, Jul 14 2018 07:54PM

Things have moved along, our first episode of season 1 is now on Amazon Prime, and filming of season 2 is now underway, You will see us in our very first investigation as a team and in the RAW, one thing you won't see or hear is screaming, playing to the camera, no fakery and no scooby doo antics, you will also see in future episodes how we try to debunk things before we truly say it is paranormal, so join us in our journey into the unknown, Jacqui our lead Spiritualist Medium has now also gone freelance, so if you need her for one of your investigations or events email us at [email protected] you won't be dissapointed.

Jul 19 2018 07:26PM by Brenda G Lawson

I will try to find and watch it on Prime. Thanks.

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