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First Night Investigation with our new Team

By Dave, May 20 2018 11:40AM

Our first night with our new team took us to the Creep Tunnels at New Brighton, the night started off slow with activity, but the second part of the night picked up. All the team worked well together being their first time as an active team, for the first filming of our new 2nd Series.

The trigger flashing balls came up trumps, flashing when we asked spirits questions especially in the bar area and the munition room, we also had K2 hits at the bar area going off the scale.

Jacqui, our medium, came up with names and places before getting to the Creep Tunnels with names and places that can't be found on the internet when searched by me. Tony Franks-Buckley, even though a sceptic, was impressed with a few things Jacqui had written down, as they are not available on the internet or anywhere, names only he knows. Well done team for working so hard Rocky, Michell, Becky, Mark, Michelle and leader Jacqui.

May 21 2018 09:22PM by Mark Kilgharrah

It was a great 1st team gathering, all worked well together, sharing different experiences & feelings about the Tunnels we were in (I'm Mark the one taking the picture)

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